Catalina Island

We just got back from a wedding on Catalina Island! It was amazing fun! The wedding announcement didn’t leave a lot of time for planning and booking, but we were able to use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to book the Holiday Inn. The reason we booked there? They were the only venue that two queen beds.

And when planning for four. The bigger the beds the better I sleep. Every other place that was available was either two rooms or two doubles and neither are a good option.

The downside to the two queens at the Holiday Inn, is that the Holiday is on the edge of town and uphill, so we probably spent and extra $100 on taxis just getting into town the 3 days and 2 nights that we were there.

Avalon is basically a company town. The taxis only take cash and there’s only one bank (US Bank) to get cash and if you don’t have an account with them it’s a $3.00 ATM fee from them and then we had another fee from our credit union. Side note we Schwab does have a no fee debit card that works anywhere in the world. Since I didn’t think we leaving the country I didn’t prepare for ATM fees. Lesson learned. I hate paying ATM fees. Hate. Hate. Hate it. Never going to make that mistake again.

We rented the golf cart and drove it around the designated tour path for two hours for $50.00. They wanted a cash deposit upfront but you could pay afterwards with credit.

We also rented some kayaks for $30/hour but *2= $1.00 per minute. Player 2 and Kid 2 turned back after 30 minutes afte Kid 2 got see sick and Kid 1 and myself head back after 60, so it was $90 total.

One thing I noticed while eating breakfast one morning is that 4 or 5 of the restaurants (there aren’t many more) are owned or operated by the same family 🤔.

Also the June Gloom was in full bloom, so both Kid 1 and Kid 2 each had to have a new Catalina sweatshirt. Also I forgot to pack my swimsuit and they know charge you captive tourist in need of something rates.

The fam would do it again. But I would spend a little more time planning and double checking before coming again.

But we had an amazing time and the wedding was truly special. 😃

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