Global Entry

Make sure to plan ahead. Player 2 decided that she wanted to get TSA Precheck for her quarterly transcontinental business trips. It’s $85. I informed her that we should get Global Entry for $100 and that includes Precheck and we can get our credit cards to reimburse for it.

They next thought was we should try and do the same for the kids. But their passports recently expired because minor’s passports expire every 5 years instead of adult passports which expire every 10 years.

So now we’re getting the kids passports renewed which can take up to 8 weeks. Here’s the kicker you can’t schedule a Global Entry interview until your global Entry application is tentatively approved and you can’t apply unless you have a current passport. Oh and each kids has to have a unique email address in order to apply after they get their passport.

Now we just have to schedule a passport interview/application when it becomes available at the post office. Once that is done wait 8 weeks, then apply for Global Entry, wait an unspecified amount of time then schedule a Global Entry interview and wait another unspecified amount of time for approval.

We have enough cards to cover 3 of the Global Entry application fees but by the time the kids are ready our 5/24 status should have dropped low enough that we will be able to find a fourth card to cover the last ones fees.

At least we won’t have to plan this again for another 5 years.

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